MHTWIN This is a device to be used in a twin engine plane to Start the engines from your Radio.

Mini Hobby Twin

Easy operating instructions

Do you want easy instructions? Here we go:

You just connect the male channel wire with the white label to the RX, throttle channel.
Then connect the white female connector to the first Motor servo or ECU, and the other female connector to the second Motor servo or ECU, connect the other male wire to the flaps channel, connected with a simple (Y) extension.

1. Well, you select flaps up in your TX radio, and turn on the RX, move the throttle stick and see the throttle movement, start that engine, adjust, etc., and leave it at idle.

2. Then select flaps down, and start the other engine, adjust, etc.
Then select flaps up again and the two engines are controlled by the same throttle channel simultaneously, next time you use the flaps, there will be no relation with the engines.

3. Ready to fly.





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